Do you love surfing, travelling and reading about surf travel? Then pull up a pew, good friend. You’ve come to the right place! Now that we’ve officially entered 2023 (and considering the success of my previous post in this annual series… read it here), I’ve decided to share my top surf travel blogs in 2022.

As with my last release, various background factors also come into play, such as domain authority and social media following. Ultimately though, I picked these blogs because I like to click over to them from time to time. And I believe they genuinely help anyone who wants to become a better surfer and a better traveller.

With that in mind, let’s check them out.

Surf travel blogs worth bookmarking

The Surf Tribe

Fancy a surf trip to Portugal, Morocco, the Canary Islands or even the Maldives? Sure you do! They’re just a few of the most droolworthy surf destinations in the world. And they’re also all frequented by the surf guiding and coaching crew at The Surf Tribe.

With thoughtful details, regular trips to popular (and secret) waves plus an emphasis on sharing the core surfing spirit with guests, The Surf Tribe have cultivated a blog page that reflects their openness and willingness to spread the stoke. You can find short but information-dense articles on various surf spots that they visit plus interviews with surfers and individuals of note who they’ve come across on their travels.

Most of all though you can get an authentic feel of what it’s like to surf and travel in dreamy surf locales throughout Europe and beyond, which makes their surf travel blog worth a gander for anyone with saltwater coursing through their veins.

Surf Simply

Thinking about chucking it all in, telling your boss “adios” and learning to surf in Costa Rica? Surf Simply’s Magazine will give you a nudge in the right direction.

This surf coaching resort in Central America accelerates the learn-to-surf journey through a combination of technical learning, video analysis and highly supportive coaching. And its blog or magazine page reflects the depth and diversity of knowledge found at its coaching retreats.

Everything from the significance of surfboard volume to competition updates and in-depth editorials can be found on their site. Better yet, in addition to a few full-time writers, they also run contributor posts. This is a fantastic feature since it gives you an insight into some of the more nuanced aspects of surf culture and allows us to hear fresh perspectives from outside the orbit of mainstream surf journalism.

Southwest Surf House

Tantalising French wines and world-class meals. Water that demands boardshorts and bikinis. Long summer days spent lounging on neverending beaches.

This is the Southwest Surf House experience in a nutshell. And while it might already sound tempting enough, their surf travel blog proves that these experiences only brush the surface. In my opinion, it’s a must-read section of their website for any beginner or early-intermediate surfer wanting to learn more about whether a surf trip to France is right for them.

From wetsuit thickness guides to the benefits of surfing and even articles about the best places to eat after a surf session, you won’t find a more comprehensive blog page about surfing in southwest France.

Surf With Amigas

My wife and I married in Nicaragua in 2018, so I have a special place in my heart for this scrappy but beautiful Central American nation. And given that said wife (who is also an aspiring surfer) shares my fondness for Nicaragua, I was quick to send her a link to the Surf With Amigas blog page.

As a women’s only surf and wellbeing retreat with locations in both northern and southern Nicaragua (as well as Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Peru), Surf With Amigas combines a supportive environment with professional coaching in one of my favourite places in the world. Their blog page consists of Q&A style articles, personal essays and tutorials. It also provides readers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it’s like to attend a Surf With Amigas retreat.

Given that my wife has already hinted at attending one of their retreats in the near future, reading their blog has made me acutely aware that they’re the real deal. Worth checking out if you’re thinking about booking a surf travel trip to one of their featured Latin American destinations.


While surf travel booking platforms are nothing new, I’m not sure anyone does it better than the team at Thermal. With appealing graphics, a fantastic user experience and heaps of epic deals on world-famous surf destinations, they make booking your next surf trip a breeze.

It almost goes without saying then that their blog page is the bee’s knees. In fact, I’d wager that it rivals some of the more famous surf travel blogs like Lush Palm and The Inertia. Scrolling down you’ll find articles written by guest contributors, staff and even local surfers. It’s also packaged and presented in a visually pleasing style with various categories for you to choose from (Postcards From…, Local Currents, Global Guardians).

Personally, I like Thermal’s style. And surf travel blogs with professional photos to accompany every article get me super keen to book a flight to one of their far-flung destinations. Which, when you think about it, is the goal of a surf travel blog in the first place.

Surfers Hype

Speaking of feeling inspired, Surfers Hype is like a digital surf shop for all your surf travel needs. Except instead of boasting walls of apparel, fins and boards, it’s lined with guides on everything from surf skate boards, health and nutrition for surfers and surf travel to name a few.

In short, Surfers Hype is a surf travel blog for anyone who wants all of the best surf travel news and info in one place. You could have it as your only surf travel blog bookmark and never feel like you’re running out of cool new content. Bonus points for it also being incredibly easy to navigate.

The best part about Surfers Hype though? It’s one of the new kids on the block. This means that its emphasis is on sharing the most up-to-date and relevant information and guidance surrounding surf culture. And in doing so using a great mix of staff and contributor articles to ensure the content is always highly readable.

So there you have it!

My favourite surf travel blogs of 2022. I’m keen to hear whether we share similar tastes when it comes to surf travel blogs. If so, drop me a line. I’m also curious as to whether there are any surf travel blogs that you found yourself returning to again and again last year. Let me know if that’s the case.