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It’s difficult when working within the surf world to find individuals with a true understanding of the art and sport of surfing. Previous copywriters handed over stereotypical surf jargon that erred on the far side of the kook spectrum. Working with Lachlan has been refreshing in that he has a true talent and knack for copywriting, yet he also lives and embodies surfing.  He gets it, and that shows in his writing and professional capacities.

Cris Mills



Recent work

I’m a lifelong surfer and experienced copywriter who blends his passion for waves with a passion for words. And I’m here to ensure your surf biz stands out in one of the most increasingly competitive sporting industries in the world. Here is some of my recent work.

We’ve worked with Lac for a few years now to produce content for our surf camp in Hossegor, France. The results speak for themselves; we’re currently ranked no.1 in Google searches for our chosen keywords, and we no longer pay for advertising since we simply rely on the organic results gained from the blog posts that Lac creates. To put things simply, Lac is the real deal…. not to mention he’s a pleasure to work with!

James Rafferty



What I do

Your website is live. You’re publishing blog posts here and there. And you’ve even sent a few newsletters to your database. But instead of being bowled over by a tidal wave of sales, site visitors and subscribers never seem to buy or book.

For this to happen, you need clever, concise and compelling copy. Copy that makes website wanderers “Oohh” and “Aahh” at what you offer. Copy to convince people that your product or service will make their life better. Copy that speaks to them in a language they understand.

This is how you get that copy!

  • Blog Writing
  • Press Releases
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Content
  • Scriptwriting
  • Newsletters

When a project is all about passion, it’s tricky to explain what’s in your heart and soul (especially to someone who is meeting you for the first time). Because of his passion for surfing and knowing the feeling behind it, Lac was not only able to see right through me, but also added his own professional touch. Every time I read our website, I immerse myself into my own dream and I realise that it’s now a reality thanks to Lac!

Joana Paes



Blog article packages

Affordable set and forget packages that provide a consistent stream of optimised content for your blog.

Add-on include social media services, web design and SEO audits.

We got Lac to produce regular SEO blog articles for Rapture and the results have been incredible. We now boast a tidy blog section and multiple page no.1 blog articles, which have significantly increased traffic to our site. Thanks to Lac’s unique style of humorous yet informative data-driven copy, we’re killing it!

Simon Eiler



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Proven strategies and time-tested tips to improve your messaging. For surf biz owners who want to attract more site visitors and boost their bottom line.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!


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Written Articles

Cups of Coffee

Lac is our go-to English copywriter for anything surf related. We’ve been (and will keep) working with him to create copy for clients such as O’Neill Wetsuits. As a surfer, he’s the core buyer of the brands he writes for which makes him the best copywriter for the job. 100% recommended.

Martina Russo



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